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Infinity Bowls in Green
Infinity Bowls in Yellow
Infinity Bowls in Emerald
Square Mini Bowl In Slate GreySquare Mini Bowl In Slate Grey
Infinity Bowls in Bronze
Missoni Home | Nastri Multicolor Salad Bowl
Candy Bowl Liner - Large
Candy Bowl Liner - Small
Nut N Bowl in Bronze - X-LargeNut N Bowl in Bronze - X-Large
Nut N Bowl in Black - X-LargeNut N Bowl in Black - X-Large
Candy Bowl in Sapphire - LargeCandy Bowl in Sapphire - Large
Candy Bowl in Sapphire - PetiteCandy Bowl in Sapphire - Petite
Tamarin Bowl in RubyTamarin Bowl in Ruby
Triple Star Bowl in BlackTriple Star Bowl in Black
Triple Star Bowl in TulipTriple Star Bowl in Tulip
Candy Bowl in Palm Print - Large
Candy Bowl in Rose - LargeCandy Bowl in Rose - Large
Candy Bowl in Leopard Print - PetiteCandy Bowl in Leopard Print - Petite
Candy Bowl in Ruby - LargeCandy Bowl in Ruby - Large
Candy Bowl in Ruby - PetiteCandy Bowl in Ruby - Petite
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Nut N Bowl in Bronze - LargeNut N Bowl in Bronze - Large
Nut N Bowl in Slate Grey - LargeNut N Bowl in Slate Grey - Large
Nut N Bowl in Bronze - PetiteNut N Bowl in Bronze - Petite
Nut N Bowl in Slate Grey - PetiteNut N Bowl in Slate Grey - Petite
Based in California, Alexandra Von Furstenberg created her brand in 2007, a luxurious, innovative, modern furniture and home accessories collection made of acrylic. Starting with a collection of acrylic neon tables, the AVF name expanded to include jewel tones, neutrals, as well as a variety of accessories like trays, bowls, vases and an expansive variety of tabletop accessories. All the collections of acrylic furniture and home accessories continue to grow and evolve with new colors and pieces added each year.