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Missoni Home | Nastri Multicolor Salad Bowl
Candy Bowl Liner - Large
Candy Bowl Liner - Small
Sold out
Treasure Box in Palm Print - MediumTreasure Box in Palm Print - Medium
Sold out
Treasure Box in Magenta Smoke - LargeTreasure Box in Magenta Smoke - Large
Nut N Bowl in Bronze - X-LargeNut N Bowl in Bronze - X-Large
Nut N Bowl in Black - X-LargeNut N Bowl in Black - X-Large
Candy Bowl in Sapphire - LargeCandy Bowl in Sapphire - Large
Candy Bowl in Sapphire - PetiteCandy Bowl in Sapphire - Petite
Tamarin Bowl in RubyTamarin Bowl in Ruby
Triple Star Bowl in BlackTriple Star Bowl in Black
Triple Star Bowl in TulipTriple Star Bowl in Tulip
Ashtray Notch - Crocodile Platin
Ashtray Notch - Crocodile GoldAshtray Notch - Crocodile Gold
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Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Large) - Col. 160Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Large) - Col. 160
Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Large) - Col. 160 Sale price$795.00 Regular price$1,260.00
Save $385.00
Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Medium) - Col. 160Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Medium) - Col. 160
Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Medium) - Col. 160 Sale price$695.00 Regular price$1,080.00
Save $355.00
Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Small) - Col. 160Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Small) - Col. 160
Missoni Home | Stoccarda Box (Small) - Col. 160 Sale price$655.00 Regular price$1,010.00
Candy Bowl in Palm Print - Large
Sold out
Candy Bowl in Rose - LargeCandy Bowl in Rose - Large
Sold out
Candy Bowl in Leopard Print - PetiteCandy Bowl in Leopard Print - Petite
Candy Bowl in Ruby - LargeCandy Bowl in Ruby - Large
Candy Bowl in Ruby - PetiteCandy Bowl in Ruby - Petite
Sold out
Nut N Bowl in Bronze - LargeNut N Bowl in Bronze - Large
Nut N Bowl in Slate Grey - LargeNut N Bowl in Slate Grey - Large

Elevate Your Home with Luxury Decorative Accessories

Are you looking to transform your living space into a haven of elegance and style? The right decorative accessories can make all the difference. Explore the world of luxury decorative accessories, offering you insights on how to enhance your home's ambiance, and where to find the finest decor pieces. 

High-end home decor accessories are the epitome of luxury. They are not just items; they are statements. These pieces are often the focal point of a room, drawing attention and admiration.

Enrich Your Space with John Paul & Co.

Transforming your home into a sanctuary of luxury and style is an art in itself. At John Paul & Co., we specialize in curating an exclusive collection of luxury home decor accessories, each piece meticulously designed to elevate your space. 

Our range includes a stunning array of decorative bowls, available in various sizes and a rich palette of colours, including limited-edition selections that are sure to captivate connoisseurs of elegance. In addition to these captivating bowls, we offer petite ashtrays and a diverse collection of other decor accessories. Each of these pieces is meticulously crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your home, making it a true masterpiece of elegance and refinement.

How to Decorate with Accessories

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to blend different styles and materials. Sometimes, unexpected combinations can create stunning results.
  • Create Focal Points: Use accessories to draw attention to specific areas in a room. 
  • Think Seasonal: Change your decor with the seasons. For example, in spring, opt for vibrant and fresh colours, while in winter, choose cozy and warm accessories.
  • Stay Balanced: Ensure a sense of balance in your decor. If you have a bold accessory on one side, balance it with something subtler on the other.

In the world of home decor, the marriage of aesthetics and functionality is embodied in our offerings. From modern decorative accessories that seamlessly blend contemporary design with utility to high-end home decor accessories that are destined to become the focal points of your living spaces, our collection speaks to those who seek the extraordinary. Elevate your space with John Paul & Co. and discover the art of home decoration where luxury, modernity, and high-end design seamlessly converge to create a style.