Watch Roll Theo Special Edition Leopard

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For watch lovers with a wild spirit, the special edition Leopard Theo Watch roll allows you to unleash your style while traveling with your watch. This watch roll features a boldly elegant leopard design, which is achieved through leather marquetry, a craftsmanship technique that involves the intricate arrangement of different colored pieces of leather to create stunning patterns. Fine french leather, anodized aluminum and Alcantara interior make the Theo sturdy yet lightweight.  In addition, the compact watch roll easily transforms from storage into a stylish display, making it the sophisticated all-in-one solution for watch enthusiasts. 

Leather exterior: Honey Black 

Alcantara® interior: Notte

Removable Alcantara® cushions accommodate a wide range of wrist band sizes

11 cm x 7 cm x 8.5 cm

Made In Canada

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